Developing and distributing cosmeceuticals as a skin health specialized company

CEO Message

CEO 이미지

My name is Young-sun Kim,
CEO of K.Belle.

As a pharmacist, I have dreamt a dream for a long time since I was engaged in the cosmetics business.
After graduating from Ewha Womans University, I have earned a Ph.D. in cosmetic pharmacology from Daegu Haany University and accumulated academic knowledge as a cosmetics expert for a long time.
Usually the basic cosmetics moisturize the skin and give a good feeling to the users. But they are not as effective as medicines for pigmentation, wrinkles and hair loss resulting from skin aging. “Is there any product which can satisfy two kinds of efficacy?”
This idea eventually led me to the establishment of Lee Ji Ham Cosmetics, a Korean cosmetic company, in 2000, which was spotlighted as a pioneer in cosmeceuticals in Korea.
Recently I have set up K.Belle with about more than 20 years of knowhow and experience in the cosmetics industry as a pharmacist and doctor of pharmacology in cosmetics and done my best to enhance the professionalism for the treatment and management of skin aging.
There's still a long way to go before I say that K.Belle now has everything I dreamt of. But I have launched my new products with the confidence that much of what I can expect from cosmetics is second to none.
From now on, K.Belle is going to focus on developing cosmeceutical cosmetics and medicines related to skin aging and so grow into a brand from which the customers can experience and enjoy the real benefits.
We look forward to watching K.Belle spread the true Korean’s beauty to the world through endless R & D efforts and continual communication with the customers. Thank you. CEO Young-sun Kim sign