Pigmented disease

The occurrence of pigmented disease

If it is recognized that the skin has been damaged by irradiation with ultraviolet rays or an inflammatory reaction, it is desired to protect the cells by generating melanin.

If the quantity of melanin suddenly increases or if it is not eliminated from the skin smoothly, the pigmented diseases such as spots, or freckles will occur due to the pigmentation on the surface of the skin.

How to prevent the pigmented disease

- It is to block ultraviolet rays, the main factor of melanin production.

- The periodic keratin care assists in the release of melanin deposited in the stratum corneumand promotes the renewal of new keratinocytes.


How to care for spots and freckles already created

Dermatological procedure

Use medicines containing Tranexamic acid, and Hydroquinone

Use K.Bell Cell-reactive Whitening Serum