Wrinkles and skin elasticity


The occurrence of skin aging

The skin aging is divided into the aging that occurs naturally as time passes and the photo-aging that the skin is damaged by ultraviolet rays.

The protein fibers such as collagen and elastin which support the skin and keep the tension are destroyed by these factors from the inside and outside of the body. So the skin elasticity is reduced and the wrinkles occur.

How to slow the skin aging

- It is to block ultraviolet rays, the main factor that destroys protein fibers.

- The healthy eating habit provides enough nutrition and antioxidants to prevent cell aging.

- The regular keratin care normalizes the epidermal keratinocytes and promotes the regeneration of new keratinocytes and protein fibers.


The care methods of aging already proceeded

Dermatological procedure

Use medicines containing Tretinoin

Use K.Belle Cell-reactive Regenerating Cream