Sensitiveness · Dryness · Atopy


What is a skin barrier?

The stratum corneum, an outermost part of the skin, has a skin barrier composed of interstitial cells that help the combination between keratinocytes and cells.

This structure protects the skin from external stimulants and prevents the loss of moisture in the body to keep your skin healthy and moisturized.

On the contrary, when the skin barrier is damaged, the moisture is evaporated, the external antigen penetrates, and the skin becomes dry and sensitive because the cohesion among keratinocyte decreases and the skin barrier is loosened.

Atopic dermatitis and skin barrier

- Atopic dermatitis is a chronic disease accompanying with dryness and severe itching.

- If you do not endure itching and scratch it, the skin barrier of horny layer protecting the skin will be damaged, and the nutrient matters disappears to the outside. Finally, you are exposed to external antigens, experience the deterioration of the skin damage, and feel the itching getting more severe.


How to keep and make atopic dermatitis andsensitive and dry skin healthy

Remove allergens and house dust mites that cause skin irritation and keep your surroundings clean.

Use the appropriate medicines according to pharmacist’s instructions.

Apply a moisturizing agent containing ceramide and phytosphingosine which constitute the intercellular lipid to strengthen skin barrier.