K.Belle Cell-reactive Hair Solution Tonic


Product Features

Contian functional raw materials for hair loss relief
  • Biotin


    ㆍReliefing hair loss
    ㆍImproving texture of hair
         and scalp

  • Salicylic acid


    ㆍDecomposing sebum
         and waste in the scalp

  • Menthol


    ㆍScalp heat care


1Cooling down the scalp with a cooling effect

2Improving oil, moisture, and scalp balance

3Scalp nutrition

4Hair improvement

How to use

After shampooing with tonic, dry and spray on the scalp evenly 2-3 times and gently massage the scalp with your fingertips


Ingredient Efficacy

  • 이미지

    7 kind of Jeju extracts

    Jiaogulan lefa/ stem extract, Nasturtium extract, Glydium Cartilageneum extract, Seaweed fusiforme extract, Honeysuckle extract, Sea palmate E.G. Camus extract, Korean dendranthema extract.

  • 이미지

    Herbar extract

    Licorice : Whitening / Polygoni Multiflori Radix : Scalp care / Phellinus Linteus : Anti-aging, Moisturizing / Mulberry Root : Whitening, Relief / Shrubby sophora : Whitening, Anti-bacterial / Cimicifuga heracleifolia KOM : Female hormone, Glittery and elastic/Black sesame : Hari loss prevention / Angelica gigas Nakai : Moisturizing, Anti-aging/ White woodland peony : Anti-oxidant / Scutellaria baicalensis George : Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory