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DermaBlanc Cream 4% (Hydroquinone)


Classification : OTC

Pharmaceutical form: Cream (Ivory white)

Active Ingredients : Hydroquinone (USP) 40mg

Gradually bleaching of excess pigmented skin, such as – chloasma, melanosis(melisma), freckle, senile black spots,
excess melanin pigmentation in other unnecessary areas

Dosage &Administration : Hydroquinone, 4%, applied to the affected area 1-2 times a day (Morning, before bedtime).

Package : 15g/tube

Precautions for use


1)It is the most important to block exposure to sunlight when using this drug. Even with minimal exposure to sunlight, melanin production can persist.
In order to protect the bleached skin during use or after use and to prevent recurrence, take special care not to expose the area to the sun, use sunscreen or wear sun protection clothing. Side effects have been reported, such as discoloration of the skin after exposure to sunlight.

2)Mutagenicity and carcinogenicity by hydroquinone were observed in animal experiments (high-dose oral administration).therefore depending on the treatment effect, the administration period is appropriately adjusted and is not used for a long time.